Christophe-Marie Duquesne

Technology Officer

Software Engineer specialized in Operations Research and Data Science. In love with data driven decision making. French, living in Munich.

Corporate Experience


Domain Technology Officer IT Marketing for Flixbus (Munich, Germany).

Overseeing the technology excellence of the Marketing domain (2 Data Science teams, 1 Salesforce/PHP team, 1 translation team). Facilitated re-organizing mobile development. Influenced the Post-Mortem culture.


Principal Data Engineer for Flixbus (Munich, Germany).

Data Engineering for AB-testing. Drove the choice and adoption of a company-wide unified tracking tool for web and mobile (cross department project). Plumbing and integration (AWS, terraform).


Data Scientist for Amadeus (Munich, Germany).

Hadoop-based Mining on Travel Industry Data (Petabyte scale). Wrote web services (Flask, Sqlite), shipped as Debian packages, continuously integrated with Jenkins. Participated in various devops tasks: log collection, user authentication, transfer between data centers (IBM WebSphere MQ, Apache Kafka, Logstash, Cloudera, Kerberos).


PhD in Operations Research with Amadeus (Sophia Antipolis, France).

Researched how to best assign aircraft on an airline network. Authored a C++ solver and a Python suite of 20+ command line tools (Cplex, Gurobi). Benchmark performed against real life data (mined with Hadoop). Worked as a teaching assistant at the university, improving my communication and public speaking skills.

2008 (3 months)

Internship at Rio Tinto Alcan (Clermont Ferrand, France).

Authored a C++ library for optimizing the revenue of a metal factory (Cplex). The software was based on a Linear Programming model and consistently outperformed the existing in-house tool.

Open Source Contributions

Author of yaposib, a Python-C++ binding to coin-Osi. Awarded full membership in the coin-or foundation in return. Contributor to pulp-or, a Linear Programming library. Author of flasfka, an http bridge for posting/getting messages to Apache Kafka. Author of persistentdicts, a library exposing various databases with Python dict-like interfaces.
Author of lazylpsolverlibs, a set of proxy libraries targeting cplex, gurobi and xpress.
Author of talkmyphone, an android application allowing phone control via gtalk (10.000+ downloads, forked 50 times on googlecode). It was then successfully handed over to other developers.
Author of lighttpd-external-auth, a lighttpd magnet script allowing access control via mechanisms such as OpenId.
Author of, a library of rolling checksums used in syncthing. Contributor to jackpal/gateway, a library for discovering the address of a LAN gateway used in Tapei-Torrent.
Experience with Arch Linux, Ada, Bash, Makefile, m4, autotools, cmake… See my github account and my blog.



PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science at G-SCOP Laboratory (Grenoble, France).

Integration of Fleet Deployment and of Passenger Service in Airline Schedule Management. Done at Amadeus, in the Operation Research team led by Semi Gabteni. Advisors: Denis Naddef, Olivier Briant.


MS in Computer Science in ENSIMAG (Grenoble, France).

Top French school of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science with highly selective recruitment.

Activities and interests

Backpacked in Eastern Europe, South East Asia and North America.
Ski, Paragliding, Bouldering. I also played rugby union for 7 years.
I was the president of the Grand Cercle, one of the largest French campus student associations (5.000 members) during university.

• +49 157 530 431 00 • {{ MYAGE }} years old
Fraunhoferstr. 9, 80469 Munich, Germany

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